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road trip!

edit note: this was a very closed-off entry to a few close friends, but years later I came back and made it public.

I'm going to atlanta.

now I KNOW what you're all thinking... that this is stupid. and you're probably right. But let me explain.

first off, there's a great party happening in atlanta this weekend that I was told about some time ago, but told marc I couldn't make it because it's too short notice and I have a wedding I'm supposed to go to.

second, I found out that next week is fall break at college, which means I have no classes to rush back for.

third, my good buddy jason, who introduced me to marc, totally wants to go. we'll take my car and split gas. it's about a fifteen hour drive.

I love road trips and I love new cities, so even if marc wasn't texting me every two hours just to say he missed me, I might be up for this... seriously! of course it'll be nice to see marc, but to be honest, getting a full night's sleep several days in a row this week has softened my obsession for him. I'm not gloomy and depressed and hopeless, I'm cool. I've got ample vacation hours saved up and it's all approved. I'm just gonna go.

I feel bad about blowing off sarah's wedding... okay, really bad. but shit, it's not like I'm in the wedding. I'll send a card and money. I get weirded out by those friends sometimes anyway, especially after the bad drinking incident a few weeks ago with JL, the one that triggered my "two weeks of sobriety" pledge, if you'll remember? Yeah, he'll be there, wine will be there, it'll be bad all around. If anything I'll send more money now because I feel so bad.

we've decided not to tell marc about this, we're just going to go surprise him, and we've talked to his friends down there and they're charged with the task of keeping him in atlanta, because he's seriously about to come back up to kansas, which is so adorable. he calls and e-mails and sends messages all the time... he's really thinking about me. it's nice to be thought of. it's also nice to know that I'm not the only crazy one... we're both crazy here :)

a life that's never crazy is just plain boring, am I right?
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