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I'm going to miss marc. I'm going to miss him playing music for me, miss him making me laugh, miss cuddling, miss texting stupid movie quotes back and forth all day. miss him cooking, miss him snoring, miss him playing with the dog... miss him. I'm already missing him, and he's not leaving until saturday.

I don't know why I did this to myself... got so close to someone who lives so far away. he's over every night.

gah. sadness. when I left vegas and missed ethan, I just had a few little moments that were really cool that I remembered, along with the knowledge that I hadn't met a guy who appreciated me that much in a long time. it wasn't so much the person he was, you know? eventually, I got to know him well enough that the red flags scared me away... the three kids, the shitty little town he lived in, the fact that he's a jehovah's witness and they're basically INSANE! so yeah, maybe that'll happen with marc. but I know him a lot better, and since we met through mutual friends who are also cool, I feel like there won't be as many "surprises" with this one, ya know?

I should really try to get into a normal relationship... one where you date, and kinda slowly decide if you like each other, rather than just going crazy in a weekend and then obsessing. It's not just me obsessing, trust me, he feels the same way, it's just... weird. I'm in this same bind though now where I'm going to have to shake this guy off before I can go to another one. hell, right now, I don't even want to go to another one, or think about another one, I just want to be with marc.

I'm not moving to atlanta! georgia tech would never admit me!
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