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weekend road trip

So this weekend, for no apparent reason, we decided to drive to KC for saturday night. The girls bailed on us so it was just me, marc, and jason, but we had a killer time... it was funny, the stuff you could video tape and watch years later for fun. We drove up late afternoon and arrived in time to hit a record store before it closed, then we picked up some friends of jason and tried to go to westport to find a good club. I texted a few of my KC friends but enthusiasm to text back wasn't high, so I didn't press them or call them or anything... sometimes I feel like I throw myself in their laps, you know?

Anyway westport was TEH SUCK! the first place we tried had closed. the second place we tried was country night. there were bars, and we found the cactus club playing some hip-hop, but what we wanted was a club where we could hear more electronic stuff. So we just started asking bartenders and anyone else who'd talk to us where we should go, and finally they told us to go to Blonde on the plaza.

Blonde had a line, and we could hear music from the outside that wasn't electronic, but it was okay, and any place with a line has to be worth going to, so we waited out in the rain. While we were there we struck up conversation with the guys behind us, who told us that blonde closes at 1:30 (it was already well past midnight) and that we should try Empire, because it closes at 3 and plays real electronic music. FINALLY! We just got in the car and bolted.

empire ruled! we had great martinis and danced like crazy, and marc and jason got out glow sticks and impressed people with mad glow stick skillz, and I danced with lots of nice different guys who were happy to dance for a few songs, then say thanks and leave (rock!). marc got the hookup on this after party in lawrence, so when the club neared closing we talked about going out there... always a good rule to leave 20-30 minutes before closing, so you're not "that guy", according to jason. but after we got in the car we all sort of melted. we went back to the jason's friends' house and crashed out. marc and I shared the bed in the guest bedroom... we just laid there talking for a long time, and then slept.

We woke up in the morning and went out to breakfast at first watch, which took forever. my ankles were sore from dancing. how great is that? on the way out of town I called mom and dad to say where I was, and they insisted on seeing me, so I asked the guys if it was cool to run out to my parents' house and they said it was fine. So we did. And mom asked if we wanted to stay for lunch, and I was going to tell her no, we just ate, but jason just piped up like, "Yeah, lunch is great!" and we were there for two hours. it was silly.

I fell asleep in the car on the way back. When I woke up, Jason and marc were like, "We voted, and decided to go see marc's parents for dinner." I thought they were kidding. they weren't. so we ate dinner with marc's parents in newton. then we went and saw jason's parents, too. the joke went too far. but it was funny to hang out with all these families... sort of grounding, and interesting, and there's a special bond you have with friends when you've seen that part of them. it was comfortable and adventurous at the same time.

so yeah, I'm home now... I've got homework to do, they're all still here. it's pretty hopeless, I've decided.
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