Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

friday night

fabulous week.

first, I'm OUT of my apartment! seriously... I gave them my keys today. I'm done.

second, it's almost three a.m. and I'm over here in our basement listening to techno. good little friday night... a group of us went Final Fridaying after work... in Wichita, most art galleries put on special, free exhibits on the final friday of the month, and it's quite the celebration in certain arts districts. so we did that. Then we went and saw Serenity. It was TOTALLY GOOD. I'd highly recommend it. I knew nothing about the movie going into it... since I stopped watching TV I don't see previews anymore, I just knew that I'd heard it had spaceships and stuff blowing up. that's cool. but the whole movie was fantastic.

anyway after the movie a bunch of us went back here where marc has this whole setup on what used to be my kitchen table... two turntables, a mixer, my receiver, some speakers of my roommate's, and marc and jason mixed tracks while the rest of us just sat and drank and laid low. eventually, the crowd left, but the three of us... marc, jason and me, are all still up. Since our office is just around the corner from the main room in the basement, I'm here updating my livejournal.

the week has brought some great, great times... thursday I went out with my normal coworker crowd, but brought marc, jason, and roommate along, and it was a great time. we came home that night, and marc put on some trance, and held my hand and lead me to the sofa and said I should just sit down, close my eyes, and listen to the song. I did. and it was great.

I love music so much.
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