Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

fair weekend

Yesterday my sister, my friend Andrea, and myself went to the state fair, and it was pretty rockin' as usual. We walked through the rows and rows of weird vendors selling vacuum cleaners and knife sets. Picked up literature at cool political tables... vegetarians, libertarians, pro-lifers with their plastic fetuses, pro-choicers with their free "Value Women" buttons (which we wore proudly! yes!), kansans for abstinence education, kansans for funding education, kansans who never got education (oops, wait, that was the Re-Elect Tiahrt booth).

I got a state fair t-shirt. We ate corn dogs and had funnel cake, which Andrea had never had before. She said it was pretty good. We had ice cream cones.

Walked around and looked at animals and looked at owners of said animals... farm boys are so hot! What is it about "themes" that's always so exciting? I still say cute punk rock boys are better, because with cowboys you always worry about underlying racism... ones I went to college with had some backwards political views, to say the least. But they're all fun to look at. Oh, but we were looking at animals... of course. Cows, horses, pigs, goats, sheep, llamas, ducks, chickens, and rabbits... I LOVE rabbits. They're huge and fluffy and do cute things, like clean their ears. I got to pet a little baby pig and we sat and watched two week-old calves hobbling around looking bewildered.

Walked around and looked at some rides but didn't ride any. We're not really ride people. Did watch the chainsaw artist though, and took pictures of ourselves next to the giant butter sculpture, and more pictures of ourselves next to 200 lb pumpkins.

Got one of the new Kansas state quarters, just minted this year. Very exciting!

And that was the fair... we were pretty much dead exhausted by the time it was all done so we came home and crashed, then went out for mexican food at like 9:30.
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