Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

saturday night

Yesterday was pretty good. After drinking a lot of coffee and water, I wasn't so hungover and miserable, so I set out to bike downtown and get my car. Good bike ride! I was worried about it because the path along the river was no doubt going to be flooded so I might end up on some streets, but it turned out to be sidewalks all the way. Extra-wide, biking sidewalks, at that. Go Wichita, huh? Got a few cell phone calls from friends offering to take me to my car but I was okay biking. When I got downtown the farmer's market was open, so I walked around with my bike and checked out all the yummy looking veggies and fresh organic flowers and lovely things like that, and appreciated the atmosphere and how different old town is on a sunny morning compared to a drunken night.

bummed around and ran some errands in the afternoon, then around 5 I went to a pool party that some friends from work were having. Ate good food and swam and saw everybody's little kids. The usual party crowd was going out to a movie afterwards but I'd told my roommate I'd meet her out at this club, so I came back and showered and was out there by around 10. Got to dance with these cute punk rock guys that her friend knew and had a blast and ended up staying WAY later that I'd meant to. I'd told another work friend that I'd go to his house for a poker tournament he was having. had kinda decided that going to friends parties should always take priority over going to the club, because once you've done Flashbacks (and I've done it four times this summer!) you've DONE flashbacks. It's always the same - thumping techno, crazy strobe lights, a dance floor so packed that you leave covered in sweat and only some of it is your own. but it's fun as hell and there are always new guys to dance with, so... damn!

And anyway, my friend had told me that the poker parties sometimes go pretty late, so I didn't feel too bad about clubbing first, but when I showed up at 1 in the morning there were only like six people there and poker was DONE. They'd all been drinking since 4 and were drunk. Great. So I figured I'd been responsible all evening and did a couple tuaca shots with them, and then passed out on his couch.

Woke up at 6, stepped over people quietly to get out and drive home, showered, and here I am ready to go to church (it's my week to usher). I'm thinking maybe that adding the third gathering to a night is a bit much, but you know, I feel bad passing up a party offer. And with all these mutually exclusive groups of people I hang out with, you never know where you're going to meet someone totally cool.
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