Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

looking at people

So I've been going out a lot this summer and have learned that there's a lot that goes on when two people of the opposite sex just look at each other. I mean seriously... it's The Look. You see a guy looking at you, all you have to do is look back at him and hold eye contact for a second and smile and he'll come over and talk if you're at a club. In other public places, like the grocery store, it usually takes more than one encounter, but it happens. It's so funny, too, like everywhere you go out there's this game going on... I think it's hysterical.

Anyway, I got to wondering why I just recently started knowing about The Look, and wondering how many people had looked at me before this summer who I never paid attention to, and I kinda felt weird. You know that feeling you get when you read an old classic book and it's totally incredible and changes your life, and you think, "This was around before... what took me so long to get into it?" Well that's what I had.

Until this week. I have two classes back to back at the local college and they're across campus, so I walk across with all the college kids during the 15 minutes in between it. And you know what I noticed? The Look doesn't really happen in college!

Everyone in college lives in this saturated hookup world, where single people their own age are everywhere. You don't need to look for anyone because they're all right there, you'll meet dozens at every party and in every class, and you almost have to slow down just to remember the names. there's no checking out. no looks. just seeing someone attractive isn't grounds for conversation... you have to know someone who knows them, or be in the same class for six weeks just sort of barely noticing what goes on around you. it's so weird.

So now I'm happy about the fact that I haven't been missing out on some big secret, but I'm faced with the realization that single adulthood is a MEAT MARKET, and we're all on this prowl, looking for someone who's looking for us. When I think of it that way it's kinda freaky, you know?
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