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Okay, if to describe Las Vegas in two words, I'd use these: Not Wichita. This place is basically insane, and the DEFCON part of the trip hasn't even started yet, so here I am checking in for a brief report on what's happened so far.

We left Wichita Wednesday night and drove... in the car was my friend from the LUG, a girl who's turning out to be a potential future roommate (PFR), a techno DJ from atlanta, and yours truly. we took 54 out of Wichita, across the end of the oklahoma panhandle, through a tiny corner of texas, and then switched to interstate to go across New Mexico and Arizona. I drove starting Thursday morning around 6 until about noon through gorgeous mountains like I'd never seen before. We drove over the hoover dam, getting out to take pictures. We showed up in vegas around noon.

From there it's kind of a blur so I'll do my best... we hit up the old strip casinos like Golden Nugget and played coin slots and ate lunch, then left to buy alcohol for the hotel room. The goal was to shop and get back to swim here but we didn't make it, because it takes us an hour and a half to get anywhere in this town, even if we think it's going to be five minutes. It also took four liquor stops, because us Kansans didn't believe people when they told us to just go to Albertson's or whatever. You can't buy liquor at grocery stores in Wichita! But as I said, Vegas is not Wichita.

We also don't have slot machines in our grocery stores, or our gas stations, or laundromats... I asked a local if there were any buildings here without slot machines and he was like, "Well, I guess some churches."

Some churches.

We got back late. Our DJ had connected with some local cousins of his, and they had free passes to a club, but the guys were concerned about dress code so they left again to go buy pants. PFM and I got clubbed up in cute skirts and then were bored so we decided to walk around and talk to Defconners around alexis park while sipping drinks we'd made.

The problem was that none of the defconners seemed interested in talking to two girls wearing skirts and tank tops. Everyone else was wearing jeans and black t-shirts. If you weren't goth, you weren't with the crowd. So I went back and changed into jeans and my thinkgeek STFU t-shirt and did another walk-around, and guess what? I didn't even make it to the first pool before some random hottie reading the defcon schedule smiled and said, "nice shirt." I was on a semi-mission to fix a broken defcon badge, so I went and did that and then came back to talk to him. Turns out he's a programmer from california, and we had lots to talk about, so we hung out for about two hours until my crew found me and said we were going out to eat. I invited my new friend.

We went to some hole in the wall italian place where wine is free with dinner. It was pretty bad wine. But dinner was good, and it had free cuppucino which was important since I hadn't really slept more than a few hours since we left Wichita. We went to Rio, but the clubs there were dead, so we left and went to Treasure Island. They have a club called Tangerine that we had to wait in line to get into, but once we were in it was packed and the music was great. In Wichita, there are no packed dance clubs on Thursday night... Saturday is pretty much the only option there. Las Vegas is not Wichita.

More differences: in Wichita, to go from club to club, you have to finish your drink first. We don't even think about it, it's just an unspoken, "Wait until I finish my drink." Our local cousin friends looked at us like we were nuts... "Just TAKE it! Walk around, nobody cares, this is NOT WICHITA!" Also, we're used to clubs closing at 2. Clubs don't close here. Nothing closes here. When we finally got tired at 4 and decided to go to Denny's for drunken breakfast, there was still traffic and everything was lit up just like it had been in the peak of the night. I'd been drunk for 12 hours straight. I laid in the back seat with my new friend from california (who was not only cute and tall and great to dance with, but a good kisser too) while my sober LUG friend drove everyone home.

Back at our hotel there was no where to sleep. The beds, couches, chairs, everything was all taken. Then sun was coming up. I rolled out my sleeping bag and the was next to me in a blanket, snoring and rolling over on me, and I slept for another two hours. Woke up. Showered. Here I am.

My feet feel like something awful happened to them. I lost my deoderant and had to use someone else's. I have on my jeans from last night and the bottoms are sticky and crunchy. I'm still drunk and might fall asleep standing up.

I absolutely love this!
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