Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

one less website

So is no longer mine. WOW. What a weird almost-two-years it's been... I created the site, poured myself into code not really believing that I'd have to dedication to follow through with that brainstorm I had one day. Got spacefemmites to beta-test. Then it opened and I announced it everywhere, and people weren't really into it. Then suddenly people were into it, and abusing it, even, and I hadn't even written code for moderators or question approval, so I started in. Always barely a step ahead of them.

Membership started going nuts, and it got me kicked off my server. Then it got me kicked off another server, that same week. Then I finally leased my own damn server and paid oodles of money for it and it got bigger and bigger and crazier and crazier, and soon I was ignoring totally and just writing more advicenators code.

But I'm really glad it happened, and I'm even more glad it's staying around, thanks to another member who just *happens* to know php and have a huge server to dedicate to it (is that unbelievably fortunate, or what?) It's a unique site; dedicated to the idea that advice is fun and if you get lots of it, eventually you'll read something that works. It's also a tribute to Ask Spacefem, the column on my website that taught me so much about myself. I learned how to be concrete in my decisions and how to embrace a philosophy and stick to it. That's valuable in life. And now thousands of teenagers are following along the same path, which is one of the biggest reasons why I never minded teenagers giving the advice... they need to think about life more than anyone.

I can finally concentrate on finding a real CMS for spacefem and bringing it back to being a site that really reflects me and the unique community I brought together there, instead of just something I started and could never find time to keep up anymore. It was starting to feel less like an anchor and more like a harpoon. I can come back now.

I absolutely love the internet again.
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