Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

bad hackers

okay, people, seriously... I know that "hackers" are innocent programmers with advanced knowledge of code and security principles who would never do anything bad to any of my websites, and "crackers" are computer criminals who use their power for evil. But if I say that "crackers" broke into my server and fucked up php, EVERY NORMAL PERSON on the planet thinks, "how does she know they were white?"

Sometimes you just have to admit when you've lost a word that you used to like, okay? Like, no one in America uses "whom" anymore, it's stupid, just give up on it. 0.00001% of the population knows the difference between a podium and a lecturn, and half of them don't care anyway. Along those same lines, if you break into a server and render someone's usr/local directory contents useless, you're a hacker. Okay? Okay?

Get off me!
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