Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

computers hate me

So here's my recent events.

Monday I got home from vacation to an e-mail from the people I'm leasing my web servers from. There's a bunch of SPAM coming off one of my accounts. I tell them it's not mine, and they promise to investigate further and put up some beefier firewalls if I promise to look for software holes in stuff like the phpbb I run on my server. Fair enough. Obviously security has been compromised, so we'll do something about it.

Last night I get home from work with the knowledge that Tuesday is my one day to get an assload of work done on the content management system I've been writing for my politics group. I pour myself a drink and set at it. That's when I notice that my home computer, which has been sounding kinda bad lately, now sounds really bad... like something is dying. I crack it open and see the CPU fan barely spinning. I try to blow it out with air and that gets it going again. I set back to work.

But it slows down and dies again. damn. I love my laptop but all serious work I do has to happen on the big computer, so I'm pretty dissapointed, but I also know that athlons need cooling and it won't kill me to shut down and move to another machine. So that's what I do.

I download all my existing files to the laptop and start working again. That's when things start getting weird on the server side... all my website stuff happens on this server I lease in texas, I don't manage it. I get 500 errors on everything I try to run. Then I notice that the errors are happening all over advicenators and Shit.

IM the server tech and ask him what's up (I have incredible tech support) and he says that whoever was using my server to send SPAM over the weekend wasn't happy with the new firewalls and decided to load files to shut down php and other things we need. They'd have to reload the entire operating system. Very bad. So that's what they did, overnight.

The problem was that the next morning, I was afraid to reload my forum scripts from the laptop. That's just not something I do with the laptop yet... I don't have the right FTP clients on this thing for something so big and all my other forum backups are on the linux box. so I just go to work.

After work I go to my favorite computer store, which has moved to a new location in a dumpster behind some railroad tracks downtown (I'm not kidding, it's a shithole) and get a new CPU fan. Get home. Pour myself another drink. Get funky with heat sync and screwdrivers and leave it all to cure for a couple hours while I go bowling.

Get home. re-load the forums. pour myself another drink. think about how everything sucks. I really wanted to have that content management stuff done by tonight, and what's happened? I'm depressed about it. On top of that, I've been seriously advised to find something other than phpbb to run on, because there are new security holes found every week, and new fixes every month, and I just can't stay on top of them. So I don't know what to do. go to bed, I guess.
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