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Wichita Kansas actually had a pride festival! Apparently there were some up to five years ago, but people got sick of putting up with the BS involved in planning one so it died out. Anyway today's was awesome... we had a parade and then I sat at my political group's table (they don't hate me for ditching them all weekend... yay) and we handed out brochures and stuff. Very much fun.

Also very hot. And windy. So when I got home I literally felt sick from getting so much sun over the weekend; I wore sunscreen and everything but it doesn't correct the fact that I'm sunburned from yesterday and that I spend the whole afternoon in some damn hot weather.

There was entertainment and an awards ceremony... my politics group got "Organization of the Year". Not a whole lot of competition for that one, but we got a neat certificate all framed up to go somewhere. There were tons of people there too. Couples, groups of friends, families with kids, crazy looking drag queens, musicians, vendors, the works. Pretty damn cool.

I'm going to bed at a reasonable time tonight. go me!
Tags: gay rights
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