Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,


I have 47 friends. I got to thinking this today looking at my friends list and scrolling and scrolling and scrolling, I don't even know where I got some of the people, it's a mess. And I think to myself, I've had a LJ account since September, less than 5 months. So I add to my friends list, theoretically, 10 friends a month. Buy this time next year I might have 170 friends.

I feel bad that I can't keep up with all these. Who here has a solution? Do you just not read every entry? Cut some back? Limit who goes on your friends list? Don't give a crap in the first place?

In other news, there are some people who don't have me listed as a friend but they're on my list, so I guess those could be the first I'd cut out. My boyfriend would be one of those people, BTW :)
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