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going and not going

I just joined AAA. They're more expensive than my current emergency roadside assistance (a short list of coworkers, ex-boyfriends, gay rights activists and family members) but my car is just... making me nervous. I mean, I love my car, I want to drive it forever (seriously, I will cry when I part with it) but shit's happening. The ignition lock cylinder thing is one good example. The fact that it leaks various fluids is another. And the last straw: I was driving down the highway at 60mph thursday night when it just DIED. I was driving along all happy, having just merged onto the highway from a turnabout onramp thing, when the engine light, oil light, and battery light come on and I'm decelerating rapidly.

My first thought: "This is bad."

Second thought: "And the car was having such a good week! It hasn't been leaking oil much at all lately."


Fourth thought: "Regardless, I should probably shift to neutral and pull over."

So I did. Turned on my emergency blinkers and opened the hood and checked all the necessary fluids. I had oil. I had everything. I had no idea what was wrong. I shook some stuff. I mean, what the fuck do you do? In a situation like this you always hope there's something huge an obvious and completely fixable, like, "Oh, there are five squid on top of the engine, I'll move them and it'll work fine."

Then I started it up and drove home okay. But it was still weird.

In other news, I was SUPPOSED to go camping this weekend. Seriously... me and a bunch of friends were going to drive about an hour north and camp out by a lake, but it rained a lot and it was all stormy so we called it off. I was very depressed. I bought a new swimsuit two weeks ago and haven't been swimming yet.

We decided to get together anyway though, because we'd all bought an assload of food and beverage in preparation, and we had to do something with it. So we went to one girl's house and made fajitas and got drunk. It was great, and a lot cleaner than camping. We listened to music and played some games and took lots of pictures with digital cameras (digital cameras are so fun when you're drunk with friends!) I got home around 7 this morning. horray for le fun.
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