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regarding pants

my sunburn from last weekend is peeling. so that's gross. I'm going camping next weekend, too, so it can only get worse.

I got a bunch of pants in the mail! I had a bad moment last week trying to find a shirt that went okay with the khaki slacks I have (the one pair) because nothing went with them, they're just unflattering. So I ordered three new pairs of pants from two different websites, with this thought that I'd pick my favorite (or favorites) and send the other (or others) back. They all came in, and I've decided to keep them all. I mean, what's good about being a decently-paid hardworking professional girl if I can't have all the pants my heart desires? It's a sign of accomplishment and arrival, having all these pants. Since I'm tall I have to special-order all of them. Stores don't sell women's pants in inseam lengths... if you're lucky, the pants will come in "Petite" "Medium" "Tall", and "Tall" usually means 33" inseam. That doesn't cut it for our hero. So I special order, and if I can find a pair for $60, I've done pretty well (most of my good ones I really like are $80-$100).

My first two years of work I wore mostly skirts. It sucked... I'd go to climb around in an airplane and people would look at me like, "You're seriously going to try this?" And I was fine but it was still weird and awkward. Plus, and this is hard to describe, I felt uppity in a skirt. I wasn't sure if I felt overdressed, or just divided from everyone else I work with (they're all men) but something made me feel apart from the group. a skirt just seems to say, "I work in marketing!" or something like that. Pants put you on the same level as everyone else. Plus, if you wear the same skirt every day it gets obvious, whereas if you wear the same gray pants every day (I almost do) it's no big deal.

So now if I wear a skirt, the technicians will ask me why I'm so dressed up which is funny. I wear pants. It's taken me a while to build up the collection but I'm a lot happier.
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