Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

the sun

The forecast yesterday on just said, "Abundant Sunshine". What a fabulous weather report! Abundant Sunshine, excessive sunshine, sunshine out of control, OMG LYKE TEH SUNSH1NE!!!

So I spent the day outside watching the high school state track meet. It's huge and happens every year right in Wichita and it's awesome... kids running around doing cool track stuff, meeting up with old coaches, basking in the glow of the day. And the weather was perfect. The sky was blue.

Today I'm just really sunburnt. I put on a bunch of that spray-on sunblock before I went out yesterday, but I missed some spots (surprise) and so now I'm not just burnt, I'm weird burnt... streaks on my arms, splotches on my feet. Oh, and I missed my entire back, so wherever I didn't have tank top covering back there, I now have pain. I woke up three times last night because I rolled over on a sunburnt spot.

There's something cool and summery and hot about sporting a sunburn, but there's also that, "well shit, I'm getting cancer" thing that cancels it out. I get burnt at least once every summer. There's almost nothing I can do to prevent it... too much northern european in me or something. I buy lots of sunscreen, but keep aloe in the fridge, knowing that I'll always miss some spot.

it really hurts.
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