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I go running in the mornings in the park near where I live.  It's a little over a mile away, I guess.  It's nice to run there because you see other people, running or walking, in groups or alone or with dogs, and they're all very nice.  Everyone smiles and says good morning, even the runners like me, who are out of breath.  Then my route brings me back to my apartment and it's like being teleported to a parallel universe where nobody likes anybody else.  No eye contact.  No good mornings. Everyone just wants to get to their car or get their dog back inside and get away.  I don't know if exercising people are just friendlier, or if my apartment complex (the "zoo for people", as one friend of mine called it) sucks.  I guess I lean towards the latter assumption, which makes me want to move somewhere nice, where I'll have neighbors who are interested in being, well, neighborly.

in other running news, I'm finally off overtime at work (sort of) so I went to see my old running group and run a timed five mile with them. I came in at 49:42. Yes, I broke 10 minute miles! I am so cool!

I'm not sure how I learned to love running but I did. I never feel comfortable for the first two miles or so, then suddenly I settle into my rhythm and my legs feel like they're supposed to be moving that way. I love feeling really exhausted. I ran for 80 minutes last saturday. I barely noticed the time. I don't listen to a radio or anything. I just run. It's like everything bad seeps out with the energy it takes to get me where I'm going. I come back with sore ankles and hips, and blistered, bleeding feet, and skin missing from places where clothing rubbed the wrong way, and I feel great. It doesn't matter what shoes or socks I buy, I still get blisters. I've just accepted it and moved on. ran on, that is.
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