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Okay, so I took my final and class is over. The final actually went pretty well. I feel good about it... I finally learned how this professor's tests work. Unfortunately, unless I get a perfect score, I'm stuck with a C. Bloody hell. I've never had a C in an engineering course, and this hurts. But at least I passed.

No matter how painful and terrible school is I always get this sad sort of feeling when its done with. No more class. No more learning. Three months without getting to hang out with new interesting college kids, struggle over homework, or get force-fed equations until I feel like puking out my brain. I'm like an educational masochist in that way I guess.

Good news is that it's summer though! Goals this summer include running and tackling the ever-growing list of Books I'd Like To Read. Currently said list includes, but is not limited to, the following titles:

1) The Tao of Physics, which I bought last week on a whim thinking, "I can add to my booklist, because I'm going to read a lot this summer!"
2) The History of God by Karen Armstrong. Don't even remember buying it but I own it and mean to read it, really.
3) Cosmos. Had this forever.
4) something by C.S. Lewis... I really want to be more theological.
5) something by Marcus Borg... same explination as above.
6) Belgand the Sorcerer, which I borrowed from mikey three years ago and haven't returned
7) Fabric of the Cosmos, which I received for Christmas and haven't read.
8) I own "Against our Will" by Susan Brownmiller but that's not exactly light beach material, you know what I mean?
9) some philosophy. I don't know, plato or something.

Okay, so, that should keep me happy and smart or something.
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