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<< Rock on, Spacefem! >>

Yes,rock on Spacefem



Friends, that would be JILL speaking, yes, you heard it here first! Put with the perfect weather today that pretty much makes January 20-26 my nomination for Spacefem's Greatest Week Of 2002, and it takes a lot for me to nominate a week this early in the year before I know what it'll all bring. Can you imagine? I've been told to rock on by JILL!

This comes after I announced today my Jill Sobule website, which most everybody on the happytown e-mail list seems happy with (at least, they haven't complained that I stole their images/content to make it):

Along with that is the Jill Sobule webring, which I've started. All fans are welcome to join.

I'm soooooooo happy right now I can barely hold it in! That or it's the coffee making me jittery again! That or I'm still having hormone imbalance problems caused by the pill! I can't decide it's just ALL SO EXCITING I think I'm gonna go outside and just run... around... places!
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