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I got to the grocery store really late (because, well, that's how my life is these days) and lettuce was on sale. Unfortunately, that meant that the lettuce had been pillaged. There were like three heads of really awful looking red-leaf. I passed. Then I looked down the row and saw the bag salads, and thought, "Well, the rest of America buys it. Not everyone has a lettuce spinner, I guess this is what they do."

It was more expensive than just plain romain lettuce, and I got less salad out of it, and it was gross. Big crunchy near-core parts. I ate it, but I've been upset about it because I really live on salad. I'm not sure people understand how much of it I eat. And since I discovered cowgirl ranch dressing, I eat even more.

In good news though, I got my electric bill for last month and it was $27. I love spring!

Also got my 10K time... just under 63 minutes. Not bad! I've got the rest of the summer to work on shaving down those three minutes to break an hour and, um, just be really cool.
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