Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

News Flash: you should all be honoured to know me

In a recent poll, 75% of geekizoid readers would rather go on a date with me than almost any other frequent poster. See here:

True, Geekizoid is a bathtub of trolls and losers, but I'm proud of myself for fitting in.

This week I joined the happytown e-mail list to discuss my love of Jill Sobule. They love me and even took the militant feminist quiz and thought it was funny.

I also joined the LooseLips forums on, where she-net run-off recognized and adored me right away.

Even isn't totally dying this week, we got like 5 new members and a couple of them have posted more than once. I'm happy about this, I was beginning to understand how Oprah must've felt when "Beloved" flopped at the box office.

So in short, I'm a fabulous internet personality, maybe even celebrity, and just the fact that I have a user ID on LiveJournal, #BeOS, she-net, ICQ, AIM, slashdot, keepers, Ms. and Yahoo! makes them better sites. Yes, Spacefem is truly the best thing that can happen to a website.

Or it could just mean that I'm a total loser because I'm more popular and sought-after on the internet than I am in real life.

Few real-life people know that I am spacefem, it's kind of reserved for really close friends, maybe because I'm afraid that if anybody else knew how much I put into the internet, they'd think I'm a dork and wouldn't like me. (my friends already know I'm a dork and like me anyway)

but i won't get a big head about it or anything :)

Deep down inside, I've always liked to think I was something interesting. I mean, who doesn't? But it feels like a lot of people are okay just being typical and fitting in, that's never been me. That's part of the reason, too, why I'm with who I'm with. Dave is a personality, you ask people to describe him and they just smile and shake their heads and say, "he's... dave!" Sometimes I can't decide if he's trying to blend in but failing, or if it's his secret destination to be something really out of the norm. I don't think it matters, being with him makes me feel even more like an interesting person, like i've got a back-up now, or an excuse to be a little different. I told him that once, I think it was one of those "just curious, but why do you like me?" conversations, he thought I was nuts. oh well.

What, you ask, will I do tonight? The same thing I do every night... try to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!
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