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I'm pretty sure I just failed another test in my electronics class. ARG it's so frustrating! I HATE this class! I got a 54% on the first test... and beat the class average, that's the great part. The teacher stood up and told us we were all lazy morons, and that we need to ask questions in class if we aren't following him. The problem is that if you ask a question he either says, "We'll get to that in a few slides" or "You should already know this! Didn't you take calculus? That's a prerequisite for this class! Did everyone in here take calculus I, because this gentleman in the front row seems to have skipped it!" (he seriously did that to a kid... we all sort of laughed in that really screwed up scared kinda way).

So studying my ass off didn't seem to do anything. We only had an hour for the test. There were three problems. I finished one of them. I got a lot done on the other two but I just have to hope he'll be generous with the partial credit.

Rumor has it that people in previous classes have just all gotten Cs. Everyone fails everything, and he just gives them Cs. Fine with me I guess. This is my last undergrad course, so I could care less what I get. But part of me feels like I could me missing out on some important knowledge, and that's what bugs me... my company is paying for me to take this class and what am I getting out of it?


oh well. I came home and I'm cooking up some pesto ravioli that I got at the food for thought... I'm addicted to this stuff. I need to re-plant my basil so I can start making my own.
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