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My morning paper today was about how Sam Brownback wants to run for president in 2008, maybe. For those who don't know, Brownback is my senator, and I really wish he wasn't. I've been saying for a while how anti-Hillary Clinton I am, because the whole idea of a woman who marries her way to to top and the claims to be an icon for independent women is insane, and how I'd never vote for Hillary. Then this morning I saw the article about Brownback and realized that some things would make me vote for Hillary and feel pretty good about it.

friendly liberal internet friends: I know most of you don't know who Sam Brownback is but if you did you'd know that if he were president, we'd all have to move. Seriously. Even you canadians might even want to leave the continent.

So after that lost breakfast I had a good day. went to church, studied up for my test on Tuesday, and went for a good long run... twenty minutes of running, three times. I drove to the arkansas (r-KAN-sas) river because there's a path that goes all up each side of it, so I could do a down-and-back pretty easily. I smiled and said hi to the people with their cute puppies and children, and watched the ducks and geese and water. and now I am exhausted in that good running way.
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