Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

who says it's too hot to bake?

I just put a huge dish of lasagna in the oven. mmmm!

Depending on how you look at it, my weekend has been either a shining example of productivity OR a horribly sad story about all the things a girl will do to avoid doing her homework.

Hey, at least I'm eating well and running again. In fact, let's revisit the to-do list from Thursday:

1) Exercise for one hour every day that I don't have class. Took today off due to rain and the fact that I could barely walk, but Friday and Saturday were fabulous.

2) catch up on said class, since I'm way, way behind. oops. I swear I'm gonna start as soon as I'm done with this entry.

3) eat better. check!

4) clean this place. balance checkbook. check!

5) update this was more a long-term goal.

6) get car fixed. don't hit anyone. So far, so good. Will get car fixed Monday!

7) enjoy spring. get a pass to the zoo. go outside. did go outside. did not go to the zoo.

8) don't think about the parakeet. still thinking about the parakeet.

9) cook something. if there's one thing I do well when I'm depressed, it's make food and consume food. Wait, that's two things. Oh well... this weekend I made muffins, tacos, pasta, and now lasagna. good to get back to what's important.

10) clean fridge. check!
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