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back ink

Okay, see, this is why I need to keep busy... my mind wanders if I don't and things get dangerous.

Every three or so months ever since I STARTED COLLEGE (yes, this is no new idea we're discussing here) I've thought about getting a tattoo. I have this birthmark on exact middle of my back - it's not different skin, just a brown circle. I think it needs to be made into the planet saturn, it's like it was made for that - I totally hate it now but I'd love it if it were artistic. I'm not sure how a tattoo would work over an existing mark, I've never really researched it, but it'd be sooo cool if I could pull this off.

What's keeping me from it? Normal tattoo regret fears (although, after three years it's hard to imagine regretting this as soon as it happens). Plus I have the lowest pain tolerance in the world, and this isn't exactly a comfy place to get inked. Plus I was dating a guy for a long time who was convinced this was the worst idea ever and spent loads of time trying to talk me out of it. But he's gone now :)

So now I'm surrounded by friends (fellow RAs, mostly) who are telling me to stop being a pussy and GO GET IT! They've offered to take me a few times even, and each time I'm like, "Sure, I'm excited!" and then we set a date and time and I chicken out. This summer I was so close I went out and bought cute backless tops like I'd never worn before because I have a weird birthmark, so now along with thinking it I've got these tops to look at. That still doesn't get me. Why am I such a wus?

I know if I don't get this done this semester, it'll never happen. So the question remains...

Ink myself?

yes you wus!
no, better not
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