Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

my day

Alright, here's what I did on my SATURDAY TO MYSELF... the first one in, egads, I have no idea.

Woke up around seven. Was pleased, because that means I slept in. Nothing worse than turning your alarm off only to wake up at 5:30 anyway for no apparent reason.

Made blueberry muffins. Ate them for breakfast with milk... it was wonderful.

Turned on iTunes and found a place for G4soulmate to be a jukebox all day.

Cleaned. Re-arranged living room furniture for the first time, ever. Yes, I've had the exact same arrangement for three years! I just felt like it worked... until now. Don't ask. Anyway, now everything is more angled and contemporary, I think.

Filed all bills and paperwork that had been laying about the office (including, but not limited to, bank statements, paycheck stubs, utility bills, solicitations from worthy non-profit organizations, insurance records).

Ate lunch: leftover taco soup. Beans, corn, rotelle, velveeta... with some chips and limeade.

Did laundry. Called Mom. Was telling some story when I accidently mentioned something about Angry Man, and of course she was like, "Who's THAT?" I had to explain that she knew who it was, but I get in the habit of calling people by their assigned livejournal names that I use for them when I talk about them online, because I never use real names online. She asked what her name was. Mom, I said. Explained to parents that there was no need to assign them names based on personalities because they don't need identities of their own; being my parent is life enough.

Cleaned the kitchen. Went running. It was REALLY freaking windy, but I did three ten-minute runs with five minute walk/stretch sessions in between. My legs feel awful, and it's only my second running day, but I really really want to run the riverrun 10K because EVERYONE in the state of Kansas runs the riverrun 10K but I haven't been in shape for it any year so far. This is my year.

Got back. Kinda fell asleep on my carpet listening to liz phair.

Woke up and showered. Made dinner: steamed fresh green beans, tomato pasta with alfredo sauce and mushrooms. And here I am!

Yes, I have plans tonight. No, I'm not sure what all they are yet.
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