Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

insomnia with spacefem!

what time is it? and where is everybody's favorite morning girl, resting up for the bright day ahead? NO! why can't I sleep? what's my deal? I think i'm screwed forever after christmas break.

I read for an hour and a half, usually that'll do it. nope.

In other news, this afternoon I decided to make a website dedicated to Jill Sobule. I mean, she's under-appreciated and none of the sites out there for her are that pretty or well-designed, so that's my goal with this one. hope the general community of fans likes it, it won't have anything new, I don't have a special concert experience to share (she doesn't come to the midwest ever! c'mon jill!) or anything. But it can be my artistic contribution. I've never made a fan site before, this is interesting.

It snowed again today. Dave and I ended up driving to wal-mart in it, quite a mess. But there's still not a whole lot on the ground so we'll survive.

Tomorrow I think I'll work out, then I'll have an easier time falling asleep. This is rare for me, it really is.
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