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dead cause walking

Last night after work I headed to the campaign office (as usual). Answered one of our many angry phone calls... this one from a man who asked if we planned to teach children that homosexuality was okay even though it's "against nature" (Sir, it's nearly 80 degrees outside, I hope you're not running your air conditioner because that's against nature too; nature is 80 degrees). Hit the streets with fliers. Then I went to a rally we were having... some 250 people in the sunshine holding up signs along one of Wichita's busiest streets. It was so beautiful. Then there was a free concert put on my local performers called "Diversity Speaks"... they did a great job. There were letters and monologues read with personal stories about love and strength in the face of discrimination. There were funny songs and sad songs and songs in celebration of who we all are.

After the concert all these high schoolers picked their signs up again and stood back out along the street, cheering and waving flags and yelling at passing cars... "VOTE NO!!!" More kids just stopped by along the way who didn't even know there'd been a rally, they just saw people there and wanted to be in on it. The high schoolers on this campaign have been wonderful. Most of them, when they joined, didn't even know how far-reaching the amendment was, they really want gay MARRIAGE which is pretty extreme for a Kansan. Most people voting no are cool, small-government types who think it's criminal to restrict the types of legal agreements people can make between one another just because we decided they're icky, which is what this amendment does. It's huge. But anyway...

We went out to dinner. Then I went home, a little after midnight, exhausted.

this'll all be over in 12 hours. part of me is happy, because I get my life back. Another part is depressed as hell, because we're going to lose. I mean, we knew it all along, I told my Dad that if we got the loss to around 60% that'd really be a victory. The goal is not to be like Missouri, where they passed an amendment by 80%.

I probably don't have to say this, but if you live in Kansas, and you're not going out to vote NO today, you're evil.

go freedom.
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