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Guess what? I went to the DMV today with a load of work papers to do, all ready to bunker in and spend the DAY as everyone warned me, but there was no wait! I went to this tucked away office at 21st and Woodlawn and there were three people and five workers and I went right up, wrote my check, and was out of there.


I even had time to go to my bank, so I went. Deposited my monthly google check (the one that was supposed to cover my dedicated server costs... heh heh) and a rebate from the cell phone I bought in December (surprise... money!) into savings and went back to the office.

Did normal office stuff. Got shakey because the guys across the wall were talking about the marriage amendment again... they're really annoyingly extreme about it and have really, um, interesting discussions sometimes. Today's, for example, was about how if we can't discriminate against people for their lifestyle, why discriminate against drunk drivers, serial killers, or child molesters? Because you know they're all the same... one minute I'll be making out with a chick, the next I'll be running people down in the street, no difference.

I wanted to scream. But I didn't. I just left. I spent the entire afternoon in the lab, running tests, because I was seriously about the throw shit at these jerks. Or just yell out, "WE DON'T LET PEOPLE HURT EACH OTHER. WE DO LET PEOPLE BE FREE! WHO'S NEXT ON YOUR 'ICKY' LIST TO THROW IN JAIL, ASSHOLES?!"

But I did none of these things. Instead I worked. Then I went back to the campaign trail, canvassing. It was beautiful outside, and I relished all the flowers and spring things happening. Got home late, again.

Six days left until the election, and then I promise, I am not going to give a shit about politics at all. Ever. This is so not good for me.
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