Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,


I was driving around innocently today when I noticed a car with a new Kansas license tag, and I thought, "That's nifty. New tag."

Then I got to thinking, "Don't my tags expire soon? Like, really soon? Is March almost over or something? HOLY SHIT WHERE'S MY '06 STICKER THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO COME IN THE MAIL?!!!"

I festered on that all day, knowing that I had renewed my tags when I paid my taxes, just like last year. Got home tonight and dug the renewal notice out of my files, and my writing across the envelope said, "Paid online 2-20-05".

But you know what? Nothing was ever billed! I clearly remember filling out all the information for the e-check, but my bank statement had no mention of it! And isn't it just my stupidity that I forgot to even think about it until MARCH 29TH!!!

guess what I'll be doing tomorrow? yeah, begging to take time off work to go stand in line at the DMV.

i really need a secretary. someone to come in once or twice a week, sort my mail, write checks for me to sign, tell me if I'm about to ILLEGALLY DRIVE MY CAR, stuff like that. it wouldn't hurt if s/he'd cook dinner and clean this place, either.

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