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George Will was on TV this morning saying that "there's a split between the small-government, libertarian conservatives and the social issue conservatives. Those are weary allies."

And how! It's about damn time someone said it, too! Why is Our Hero, the crazy liberal Kansas girl, a registered republican? Because at one time, I was told that the tax-and-spend democrats just wanted government to swell up and take over everything, and the republicans were fighting that. As it turns out, republicans only want government to be small so that it can fit into our bedrooms and churches.

This could take our party down when people realize how they've been betrayed, and at this point, I'm not all that bothered. The republican party's pandering to the evangelical religious right will backfire when the general public gets sick of that one special interest thinking they can tell us what to do.

They'll probably get their precious constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in Kansas. But if I have anything to do with it, that's the last thing they'll get. A turn is coming. We will reclaim our religion and once again, it will be about love and justice and peace. We will reclaim our republican party and it will be about freedom.

There were 500 people standing out in the freezing cold at the Wichita anti-amendment rally yesterday, and from that we got the names and numbers of 100 volunteers who are ready to hit the streets for what they believe. That's why I'm thinking this today... there are always the "in it" people who get mad about politics, but it's creeping now, we're gaining momentum, we're all going to see it happen.
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