Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

hill of a day

k, my day when from bad to worse to good again, guess i'll just go through. it won't be the most facinating journal entry ever, but this is my tale...

I wake up around 8, go to the bathroom, and catch a glimpse out the window of snow pouring out of the sky. AHHHH! That was interesting. I have to be at the tech center (about 3/4 mile away, a good bike ride, looong walk, pointless drive) at 9:30. I leave my room at 9, brush the snow off my car, and drive up. There's nobody in my class, I'm confused, I run upstairs and print off my schedule to make sure I'm in the right room (it's the first day of T-TH classes) and find out the class is at 11. I'm supposed to be in english right now! Crap! What's more, I find out my 11:00 class teacher is in Florida - that's interesting. Drive back to main campus.

at 10:00 a snow-covered and now very gloomy spacefem stumbles into the editing class, 30 minutes late. bah.

at 11:00 I check my e-mail AGAIN to see if class is canceled ('cause my teacher is in florida). I call his office, but nobody seems to know anything, they're just like, "You should go to class." Awesome. Get a call from my boss in there too, harrassing me about some keys, so I'm stressed even more. I drive again, 'cause it's still snowing and I don't want to ride my bike in that. By then I'm late for class, I show up to a room full of people leaving and another teacher telling me to pick up a handout and I'm done. Hey great, that was worth it! not.

I come back, find Dave, bitch to him a long time (he's so good for that, I felt a lot better then), and eat lunch. After lunch I lie down and read. That was probably the best part of the day - around 2:00, the ring of power was finally cast into the fires of Mount Doom and destroyed. I knew we'd win, good job middle-earth! Still about 100 pages to go, but everybody's just running around falling in love now, so I don't have to deal with the pressures of suspense. Next on my reading list is either Harry Potter or Contact.

Then I drove to the tech center YET AGAIN (you have to understand that my little car sits for days at a time, sometimes weeks, without moving. it's had a big day, i feel for it) for a meeting about the moonbuggy trip in april. That was fun. Then I came back here. I feel pretty happy now, I'm out of hot chocolate (dah) my room isn't too clean, but life's been worse. It's stopped snowing, too, so instead of hazard weather we just have those peaceful white drifts covering the earth. mmm :)

Tomorrow I intend to do nothing, honestly, I think I spent too much time over winter break being alone with my serene thoughts and now that the world is back I can't handle it. c'mon brain, snap to it!

In the meantime I'll leave you with this funny Simpsons quote because I admit today's entry was pretty dull...

Lisa: "Dad, we did something very BAD!"
Homer: "Did you wreck the car?"
Bart: "No."
Homer: "Did you raise the dead?"
Lisa: "Yes!"
Homer: "But the car's OK?"
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