Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

sport & environmentalism

I sit near a guy at work who graduated from KU. Earlier this week we were talking about basketball, and I asked him if KU would be in the final four again, and he just scoffed and said, "I picked them to lose in the second round." I told him that he should be nice to his school.

As it turns out, he was being nice to his school. guess that'll show me.

In related news, results of Spacefem's First Annual Women's Tournament Bracket Contest will be posted here for anyone in the running. I'm hoping that at least one of my teams is in the final, because I have a bad history of going the wrong way. I'm also hoping to beat my mom.

In other other news, is offering jackets & slacks in tall sizes. sweeeet! I put in an order... now that the laptop is paid off I can return to my normal shopping schedule. I also treated myself to some reusable string shopping bags at the local organic store today... they give you five cents off if you bring your own bags in, and I'll feel much better and cooler about not wasting more plastic. I heard a guy on the radio describe recycling as a religion... we tell ourselves that we can make up for our massive over-consumption by bringing our offerings of newspaper and milk gallons every week, but recycling takes energy too, and the best way to use the earth's resources wisely is to use them less. My sentiments exactly.
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