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in my sunday paper

Q: Doesn't Hillary Swank's depiction of a boxer in Million Dollar Baby promote the defeminization of women?

A: Yes - but that's not the main reason we're against women's boxing. In our opinion, no matter how hard women train, their bodies are not made to withstand the brutal punishment meted out int he ring, and they are more susceptible to irreversable injuries than men. We disagree with USA Boxing's decision to lift its ban on women in the sport in 1993.

Our sunday paper here has an insert called Parade Magazine that comes with it every week, and usually I don't read it because it's pretty crappy, but this week I did because... well, I did. Anyway, page 1 is always dedicated to Walter Scott's Personality Parade, where Mr. Scott addresses people's questions about what celebs are up to these days (who's together, who's divorced, who's being a jerk, etc.) The last question in the column was just so, um, special, I decided to print it here.

And someone will post here saying, "It's a stupid newspaper insert for people in trailers or whatever to read. Why do you care?"

I care because it's a prime example of how the anti-feminism movement is:
1) Mainstream
2) Re-hashed crap they've been spewing out since the 1900s, when women weren't allowed to do any sports for fear that they'd injure themselves or get tired. Women weren't allowed to run marathons until the 1970s. It's okay for men to get out there, take risks and get hurt, but for women, it's embarrassing.

My sister gave me this cool old button that says, "The Pedestal is the Pits!" and this is a reminder of why. People who aren't in the movement look at feminism and say that we're destroying a good thing... women being celebrated, protected, taken care of. Isn't it nice to not get drafted? Isn't it nice to have doors opened for us, have husbands go to work while we stay at home, get help changing tires at the side of the road?

They don't understand that the protection there is a nasty double-edged sword. To keep something safe, you have to keep it isolated, like a child or an animal. It has to stay in its cage. It can't live a free life, because free lives aren't safe... freedom means that you get bruised and beaten and go hungry sometimes but it's worth it, and it's what's good for us, no matter what anybody says.

There is no biological reason why women can't be free. There is nothing defeminizing about being tough. It's too bad that after some 150 years of feminism, the mainstream media can't deal with that.
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