Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

You may not read this post without IE 6

Every web design and usablility expert preaches endlessly on the evil of making a page that's compatable only with one browser. No feature is worth alienating visitors, they say - no feature. No spiffy color, no flashy animation, nothing. So why do people still do it? Sometimes I think it would suck a lot to be a usability expert because nobody ever seems to listen to them, even when they have good ideas. Hell, especially when they have good ideas.

Granted, I am looking for .asp tutorials using Konquerer, that's a weird combo for some. But jeez, some of these places won't even let me see a messed up site, they stop me at the beginning and give me a "Download IE, bitch! No site for you!" Uh, fine asshole!

Oh, and I wrote a brilliant article today on chyx about why feminists aren't helping us. Read it here. Comments welcome in the chyx forums :)
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