Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

where I live

So I get home from work last night and there are these little white signs posted on every building that say something like "PROHIBITED: Any grill within a 10 feet of apartment buildings, porches or balconies. $1500 per day fine for violations. County fire inspection."


When I moved into my apartment they TOLD ME I COULD HAVE A GRILL so long as it wasn't charcoal. Mine is propane, so I figured it was all good. And now it's not. Sure, there have been recent fires in other buildings which sucks, but I'm smart enough to use my grill in a way that hasn't burnt this place down so far.

Anyway a friend came over to work on politics and I told him about it, and asked if he thought the threat of heavy fines was just a scare tactic they wouldn't really enforce. He was like, "How many spare $1500 bank accounts do you have to test it out with?" Point taken. I asked him to store the grill for me for a few days while I sort things out. Then I went on a rant about how I hate this place so much... the giant corporation that owns all these apartments just doesn't care about us, and they change policies like this at the drop of a hat with no warning. I'd never received any notice about my grill. Half the apartments here still have them. But suddenly there are little white plastic signs screwed in everywhere.

My friend was like, "Why don't you move? This place would drive me crazy... it's so huge. You basically live in a zoo for people."

heh. yeah. I think it's time for some more apartment hunting.
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