Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

morning errands, afternoon tea, evening entertainment

it was a busy saturday! I didn't work (again... my boss probably hates me) but I had a lot of stuff to do, I couldn't help it.

In the morning I did a yoga tape, went to the store and to sears, dropped off a crock pot that someone had left in my apartment before new year's. Oh, and I programmed advicenators a little bit... fixed a paid account bug and added a new feature to tell people when they have new answers to their questions. People make suggestions on advicenators all the time, and I feel bad for them because I'm so random with which ones I implement. Some weeks, I don't want to touch the site. Other weeks, I don't mind, but for some reason the suggestions just don't gel. And then some days I'll read a suggestion and I'm just inspired by it, and BAM, I put it into the code right there before anyone really discusses how well it works. It's very rare for me to like an idea and put it into place a week later. If I really like the idea, it goes into the code. I don't sleep or eat or call anyone on the phone until it's done. I just need coffee and the big linux computer (not the laptop, I still can't do real work on that thing for whatever reason). I work until my inspiration is complete, then I fix little bugs that have been festering in other places, then I consider going offline.

In the afternoon, I attended a silent auction and style show held by the Wichita Soroptimist club. It's a bunch of middle-aged professional women who wear stylish jackets and drink tea and raise money to give scholarships to non-traditional women college students. I was invited by a woman in my sunday school class. I have to say, the food was great. They had a fashion show put on and the models were all WSU volleyball team members, with great arms. sigh. One of them was like 6'2" so of course the clothing provider just did her best, put her in skirts and stuff, but later on she came out wearing her own jeans so I followed her and we struck of a conversation about where the hell to get clothes. Didn't really come up with new ideas, although she did confirm that tall and all has good stuff and that eddie bauer has sucked it up this year.

After that I came home, changed clothes, and left again. I picked up misworldmisfit and we had soup together at Panera and then went to WSU to see The Vagina Monologues, which I'd heard about for years but hadn't EVER seen it until tonight. It was so amazing and wonderful! There were so many women playing so many roles; and they were all fantastic. I'd have to say, after reading and hearing about it all these years, my expectations were pretty high, but they were all totally fulfilled. I laughed, I cried, I clapped (I clapped a LOT!). There were lots of men in the audience, which was interesting... I don't know many guys who want to listen to women talking about vaginas for 90 minutes. Brave souls. But they were there, in groups, or in couples, listening and laughing and cheering right on with the rest of us. You go, men.
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