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the big vote

Where've I been all week? Working for gay rights. And the house will vote on the kansas marriage/civil union amendment TOMORROW, so it looks like our battle for that is ending, one way or another. It's so weird to spend so much time on something... phone banking, e-mailing, education, and then suddenly the moment of truth is here. There's nothing more to do now except hope.

The vote will be REALLY close. There was an interesting vote today about removing the civil union ban from the amendment that indicated some surprising people on our side. Things could really work out.

We've been fearful since the beginning. We knew the fundamentalists weren't going to back down this time... they have nothing better to do this year (literally) than camp out in Topeka campaigning for this amendment to the constitution. They've told their congregations to call the representatives like crazy, because if they don't every church will be FORCED to marry gay couples and every company will be FORCED to give health benefits to same-sex partners, which we all know is complete crap, but they're not above the scare tactics. We are, which is why our fight is so much harder.

So if they pass the ban, I'll be upset, but I'll deal. What would be incredible would be for them to overturn it... tell the phelps' and intolerant pastors who twist the scripture for political gain that our state will not be bullied into their agenda.

and something else would happen... all of us little guys would hear that the system isn't set up against us, the system is set up for democracy, and everyone has a voice. please, if there's one thing I wish I could believe in right now, it's that I can make a difference.

FYI: if you live in Kansas, it won't hurt to call your state rep ONE MORE TIME before 11:00 a.m. and remind them that a NO vote is a good thing here :)
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