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Extreme Home Makeover is a fun show to watch, but it's so obvious that it's *all* about the product placement for these people. Everything is SEARS and KENMORE and ___ WINDOWS and ___ CONSTRUCTION and... yeah. Apparently, apple computer won't pay them enough, because they use powerbooks in every episode but they tape over the apple logos so nobody can see what they are. You know what I say? Good for you, apple! You provide a product that serves a purpose, and if they want to hide your logo with ugly tape, fine. We don't care what the world thinks. It's what's on the inside that counts.

The other thing that bugs me about the show is that since they spunoff the "how'd they do that?" thing, they purged the main Sunday night show to nothing but tear-jerking family wholesomeness. There's no balance. I don't have time to watch TV during the week so it's all I see now, and it sucks.

I refuse to watch "Desperate Housewives" because... I just do. I've seen it a couple times. Something about it is just insulting.

I had a good relaxing weekend. Last night, I watched "Babette's Feast". I bought the DVD some weeks ago because I remembered loving the film when I first saw it several years ago, but I didn't watch it because for some reason I remembered it being depressing, like it was about death and things being taken away. Watching it away, it wasn't about that at all. It was very uplifting. If you've never seen it I'd highly recommend it; it really focuses on the idea that an artist can give so much to the world around them, and that's what heaven is: a place of self-expression, where everyone gives. It's a beautiful film. And the DVD has english voiceovers so you won't have to read the subtitles if you don't want to (I like subtitles, but I'm freaky weird like that)

I spent a couple hours at church this morning. I really am getting to know people now that I've gone to sunday school classes which is cool. I came home and I had Joshua in the mail from netflix, so I watched that while I sewed and read the paper. The book was better. It was all kind of cheesy. Oh, but one of the lead actors was Salieri from Amadeus... another all-time favorite movie of mine, so getting to see him in a more modern movie was definitely worth it.

Wow, two movies in one weekend! It's a record... no wonder I feel so relaxed. I hope my professor doesn't start assigning homework for this class I'm taking; that's what always decreases my ability to sit around and do nothing.
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