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my weekend

I just got out of the bath... it was so nice. I'm all pink and soft now.

Livejournal was down and I forgot how to update! aahh! I though it was so cool how they put up status messages all the time though. When advicenators is down, I just tell all 13,000 users to stick it, it's a free site and I'm not killing myself for fixes here.

Okay, so the weekend! Friday I stayed in, sewed, watched Sex in the City, did yoga and went to bed early. And it felt great.

Saturday I went to the office and ran a million errands all afternoon, which sucked. Ever have one of those days, when you have so many places to go that it's just not fun anymore? I was really tired by the end. I went out to a gathering in the evening... my friend patrick, who I know from the gay rights group. his apartment is adorable. Why can't straight guys decorate like that? Or do I just not meet the ones with taste, who actually care about candles and throw pillows? Eh, I'm not one to question. Anyway I figured the group would totally avoid talking about *the amendment* because we're all so sick of hearing about it... usually when I'm with patrick, that's what we're talking about. It's kinda like when you get together with coworkers, nobody really wants to talk about work? But we ended up talking about it. there were eight or so people there, it was an interesting conversation.

I got in around midnight. Woke up this morning and went to church... two sunday school classes, because I got roped into this one at 11:00 that I only wanted to go to for one session but they used that session to persuade me to come back and talk about the rally from monday. Okay fine. So another hour of my life dedicated to *the amendment*.

It's funny how I joined the gay rights movement in May only because I wanted to do a website for somebody. If I only knew...

Anyway it was a really interesting conversation. I like my 9:40 class because there are so many smart, prestigious people... people with power in the local government, in our church, it's a leader class. The 11:00 one is more like a class for hippies. It evolved out of this project some people did... they wanted to make 1000 paper cranes for the new year, and sitting around folding cranes lead to a lot of deep discussion. So now there's a class. We talked about the rally, and we talked about issues, and we talked about how these marriage amendments sometimes seemed like a distraction so we'd always be on the defensive and never get to tackle the really big issues, like "why is wal-mart big enough to force outsourcing?" or "why are we fighting a war in iraq and how can we persuade people that avoiding more is a good thing?" Good, big progressive issues, not little ones like gay marriage that *really* effect about 600,000 households total in this country. We stayed late talking to one another, and exchanged some phone numbers. My 9:40 class makes me feel educated and intellectual. My 11:00 one makes me feel inspired.

I got to thinking that if I want to go to the church *service* I'll have to get up and go to 8:00 now... three hours of church! I'll be one of those people!

Okay, anyhow, I got home, did laundry, checked my mail where I had the new Jill Sobule CD. Yes, I'm a sucky fan, I lost track of the fanclub for so long that I missed an ENTIRE ALBUM... she released Underdog Victorious in september or something and I didn't realize it until last week!

Well I don't have to tell you that the album is incredible. Go get it. the title track is the best song ever, and the other ones are pretty darn good to.
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