Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

the great frozen wichita: day II

After work today I ran a few errands (oh, but the organic food store was closed!) and then opted to take the long way home. I love driving downtown and through the neighborhoods, and wanted to check out the trees. Unfortunately stupid me forgot that a very large portion of our city is still without power, and this includes traffic lights, so the 20 minute drive home took and hour.

Yes, there are 50-70 thousand people right now with no power. A few of them work in our office; a few other coworkers are taking friends into guestrooms and basements while the power company fixes everything. Most people have been told it'll be 4-6 days, which makes me feel pretty stupid for trying to call the cable company when my internet was down for 30 minutes last night :) As the sun went down I noticed all the dark streets. In places, there'd be a block with power and a block without power right next to one another. Trees were still everywhere. I'd felt bad earlier because I've spent so much time scraping my car over the last two days, but at least I don't have trees all over a lawn that I care about. Speaking of car... I got my trunk open today! Took some chiselling but it was a triumphant moment. I also realized that my windshield wipers are pretty much garbage. Oh well.

The temperature will go up soon, probably this weekend, so hopefully it'll be warm enough long enough to thaw us out. Kansas doesn't really ever freeze more than a few days in a row. I think of our winters as a slushy, muddy, fairly disgusting season because of the endless cycles of freezing and thawing out. It'll take a while for the trees to grow back. I'm not sure Kansas is meant to have all these trees... there are evergreens by my apartment that are pulling through just fine, but the cute little pear trees people bring from california or whatever were just doomed from the start. Oh sure, they maybe had five or ten healthy years, but with our wind there never was much hope. the ice just did them in.
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