Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

the winter

I'd just like to mention that I wrote a fantastic entry last night that didn't get posted because my power went out.  It was about how the media spent all yesterday trying to scare us about the STORM OF THE CENTURY or whatever, when all we got was a good rain.  Schools closed, stores closed, my department was given permission to leave work early if we wished.  It was stupid and I hate how the news has to thrive on fear so much.  After work, I ran errands, because there was no snow, ice, or death, just some frozen trees and rain, but the fabric store across the street from me was closed "due to weather".  No luck there.  I found another one.

I'm not sure what the temperature was outside, but it must have been right at freezing because ice froze on trees and powerlines but the roads were all clear.  My power went out a few minutes after I got out of the shower, then came back on five minutes later, then off again, and so on for an hour or so.  I unplugged everything, waited for a power on time to heat up some leftover macaroni & cheese and drank the rest of the milk I had.  I thought about how different "stuff" became without power... every time I move, I throw away candles because they take up so much space and give away books because they're so damn heavy, but these are the things that save you in a power outage because the only light you have is candles and the only thing to do is read.  I've been reading Steinem's "Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions", a fabulous account of the reasons and effects of the second wave of feminists, who launched into action after Friedman was published in the early 60s.  It's a good read; I'd recommend it.  For one thing, it's a good account of just how horrible conditions were for women 30 years ago. We take so much for granted today and there are so many little things we don't even think about anymore that women in the 70s had to fight hard for.

So I lit lots of candles (I have enough to light the apartment quite nicely) and read for a little while, then power came back on so I watched some TV, then I got confident in it so I worked on sewing projects, but I still didn't feel good enough to turn on computers or network components.  I wasn't too worried; I spend too much time on the computers anyway.
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