Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

2005, hey!

Well, the big vacation is about up. I'm laying here watching cast commentary on Return of the King, which is fun. My sister left. She stayed here three days or so and we had a great time... after the mini-party at my apartment on the 30th, we spent new year's watching all three extended LotR DVDs at a friends house. It was boring for new year's, sure, but we didn't feel much like going out to a bar and the coworkers I knew were having parties just seemed too... old. The coworkers have gone downhill this year. A higher percentage of them have kids now days and every gathering is just a "talk about the babies" fest. We watch the babies, comment on how cute they are, try to get them to do tricks. It's so mind-numbing. For my thing on Thursday I didn't invite anyone with kids. I'm tired of them, and my apartment is the most non-babyproof place you could imagine.

Okay, but anyway... yesterday we sat around. We made a protest banner for this rally coming up, it's 9 feet wide and says FREEDOM in 2' tall letters. Very fun. We took some naps and watched the Twilight Zone marathon. Around 4:00 we decided to get dressed. yeah... it was pretty damn lazy. We went to the bookstore for feminist magazines (new Ms. was out) and then went out for chinese food... there wasn't a whole lot open.

Today we putzed around some more but didn't go anywhere, and then she went back to school in the afternoon. It's cool to hang out with a college student and remember what it was like to just take naps all the time and accept it, or wear the same hooded sweatshirt for three days and not care.

Thoughts on the New Year: Most years, there's this big Number Change deal, you know? Suddenly, you have to change that last part of the date on your checks. Suddenly, you have different file folders. Not so for me this year, and it's all because of the airplane. We've been thinking about 05 since the end of 03, and everything has been focused on it. My file folders already say "2005" on them. I've been working on a project for 2005. I've been focused on schedules for 2005. January doesn't seem like a new part of anything, it's just a continuation, I can't make resolutions because I'm at the same place I have been for a year now. I've been in 2005, all this time, before anybody, my mind was there, and all my hours, and so many Saturdays, were there. So maybe that's why it didn't seem like a big deal to just sit and watch a movie with friends to ring in the new year. It's not a new year. It's 2005... the longest year I've lived through so far. It's going to be very, very big for me, and I won't be able to write about everything, but there are so many culminations arriving that 2004 basically didn't happen. Here I am.
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