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Yes, I want to do something to the Mac SE, make it original, make it my own. Dave doesn't want me to do anything permanent to it, he's got a respect for macs that I don't, so I'm not going to listen to him. So far I've considered:

  • Painting it - either a solid color or something swirly looking
  • Glueing fake leaves to it so it looks like a big shrub with a screen
  • Glueing other things to it - maybe fur? Then I'd call it MacBear or something cute :)

Opinions? Thoughts? I don't know why Dave is so against this, it's not like I can't get another one, they're worth less than paperweights at this point.

Other news: Finished The Two Towers today, that second LOTR movie isn't going to be as good as this first one. I mean, nothing happens in this book, esp. to our heros, the One Ring still hasn't been cast into Mount Doom, and it's not looking like it's going to be, EVER.

Must get dressed today, as RA stuff starts. Damn.

That's my life.
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