Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

no more MATH555!

I took my differential equations final last night. It was dissapointing... there was one problem that I totally knew how to solve using the processes we learned in THIS CLASS but there was an integral that required substitution and I hadn't reviewed that so I faked my way through it and probably got points taken off. curse me and my not taking calculus for the last five years.

afterwards three of us met at applebee's to have a drink or two and talk about how we wished we were smart enough to just understand this stuff. There was a girl in our class from some part of india (she told us where, but I couldn't tell you now) who we're pretty sure aced every test. That would not be me. I could possibly get an A but I'm not keeping my hopes up... the low B on the first test looks hard to make up.

But it's all over! After work tonight I stopped at UPS to pick up Christmas presents I'd ordered (for other people, finally), came home, wrapped presents, sat on my couch and ate doritos. And I didn't study! I finally changed the lightbulb above my stairs that's been burnt out since unit two. I'm updating my journal. I opened christmas cards and considered sending some out myself (it'll happen, really). I'm going to file the papers lying on my desk! I'm going to finish every sewing project and play with my birds and update the websites! I'm going to work less than 50 hours this week!

winter break! YES!
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