Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

a plain 'ol life

It's what, noon now? And for all practical purposes I just got out of bed. Yippie! It's a beautiful day outside, I should do something to make myself proud and go exercise, but I probably won't.

Went to see a LOTR again with Dave - my third time. It gets better every time, too, can you believe it? I've never seen a movie three times in the theaters, but this one just has me, I'm so happy watching it and noticing all the cool details. Yesterday I noticed when that the sickish Frodo meets Arwen for the first time in a forest next to three giant stone trolls from Bilbo's little adventure - now that was a detail, but it's sooo cool. Anyway, here's another advantage to KDE: multiple backgrounds! So I can have one for each member of the Fellowship if I choose, but I don't choose, I've just kept it to for and set the backgrounds to Legolas, Gandalf, Lothlorien, and a muted pattern so I can get some damn work done. End of story!

Other news: A very happy birthday to epi_lj!
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