Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

another potential roommate

Okay, remember months ago when I was *this close* to having a roommate on the east side of town? Lower rent, nicer place, closer to work? Well she got laid off a week before we were due to sign a lease, so that didn't work out, and I was totally depressed... but now I've met another nice girl my age who REALLY needs a roommate, and she has the most amazing duplex ever. Her other roommate moved out so she's kind of stranded. And this location is even better.

High ceilings, huge kitchen, all hardwood floors. Office space, dining space, my own room, ample storage, garage parking, the whole bit... it's lovely. There's only one issue: she's got a cat.

I am horribly allergic to cats. Drugs can improve the situation, but don't really work and are a pain to keep up with. I think cats are perfectly nice animals but they make me sick. potential roommate is understanding... she's offered to work extra hard to keep the place clean and even wash the cat (facinating concept).

Friday, I kind of decided that this could be doable. Given the fact that the cat will not be in my room EVER, there is no carpet in this place to store cat-ness, and I'm hardly ever home anyway between work and class and junk, I thought it sounded great. Then I went home this weekend and offered the idea up to the 'rents and they reminded me that no matter the conditions, I'm ALLERGIC TO CATS, and so are they, and they don't want to get a hotel to visit me.

so I decided not to move in. but then she called and now I want to again, because it's such a cool offer, and I hate where I live now.

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