Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Advice for the tired masses

This is going out to all my friends, real life or otherwise, with fucked up love lives. Today, that's a lot of people. (in particular I'm thinking of 7. 7! Can you believe it?)

Happiness is all about control. If you control your destiny, if you are free, if you have will, you will be happy. Control is about logic. 0s and 1s are easy to control, you turn them on or off. That's why I went into electronics. That's why I love math - because at the core of every existance there is either an on or an off, everything can be expressed digitally, I don't care what anyone says. If you can not simplify your thoughts and problems into rational statements, if you can't step back and reduce your life to a common denominator, you can't control it. People everywhere overcomplicate themselves with stupid thoughts... "I'm hard to understand. No one understands me. I'm very deep." Well you're not very deep, you're human, we're simple. Often I've found that the more complicated someone things they are, the faster I can simplify them and reduce their desires to a single one. We want to believe we're hard to understand. We think that the people around us won't like us if they know what we really are and what we really want. It's not true. What simple people do you know that don't have friends? You know, the predictable ones, the happy ones, that offer council and help.

If the actions of your heart are no longer based in logic, abandon them. Think past them. What's more, think about what mistakes those around you are making - why are they doing what they're doing? Is it because they too are irrational and overcomplicated? Then abandon these people too, and tell them why, it's important to communicate. They're seeking something they will never find, and if you can make them see that you've been an irreplacable friend.

Logic has failed me only a few times in life, and even then it came back in a few short weeks to pull me back up. My advice to the world is to stop overcomplicating everything, and stop trusting in people around you that overcomplicate everything. They are 1s and 0s. Step back and derive what they're really about, then free yourself. Be 1. Be 0. Don't try to be inbetween.
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