Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

computer update

life is just so wonderful with hardware.

got home after class and struggled with the wireless router for a while... i'd halfway set it up a week ago, then things went bad so I got panicy and re-installed my ISP software again to just go straight to the cable modem. well tonight, after repeated attempts to get to the web-based setup, I called dlink tech support. It was wonderful. I didn't have to hold, and the guy on the other line was totally cool and we somehow got to talking about linux... he runs slackware. I told him I ran suse (SOO-SEE) and he was like, "SOOS"? funny how people who always read stuff end up talking differently.

got the router configured using static IP and everything was wonderful. got the new laptop online, all wireless and everything. it keeps discovering other wireless networks everywhere, which is funny.

also got my snaz-tastically adorable bluetooth mouse configured! it works great... you click the bluetooth icon and it finds the mouse and they (wirelessly) get it on for a second and then have this perfect bonded relationship forever. and it gives you messages the whole time... "discovering your device..." "pairing with your device..." "ooh yeah baby that's the protocol, yeah..." "we're very happy now".

lesson of the day though: optical mice don't work so well on clear glass tabletops. yeah, i know everyone out there is doing the "duh" thing about now, but this is my first optical mouse and I just don't think of these things.
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