Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

the powerbook lives!

Guess what, everyone? I got my powerbook! And it only took three weeks. I got my tracking order Tuesday that said it had made it to in Kansas City, then this morning it left KC, then it got to Wichita, then it was delivered to the computer store, so after work I just showed up. Didn't call them, just went, and there were piles of boxes on the floor and some random guy who was like, "Oh, I haven't processed anything yet, I've been working on other things..." I told him that was no problem, I could wait. A few minutes later I was out the door with a gigantic powerbook box. I got it out and opened it at this Panera Bread location that offers wireless internet access. Turned it on, went through a bunch of happy-apple-BS, and now I'm updating my livejournal with my very own laptop! i'm terribly excited.

it's so new and shiny!

In other news, sorry to everyone who really hoped Kerry would win the election. I was kind of sickened by the fact that people had to wait 10 hours to vote in some states. Really, we need to fix that, I don't understand the problem. We can deposit thousands of dollars in checks using the internet and ATM machines, we can design airplanes with a 1 in a billion chance of crashing, but we can't make a voting system that's dependable, functional, secure and gets the job done?

truly I tell you, "government works" is an oxymoron.

oh, if I could give everyone online a homework assignment for today, I'd tell them this: look up who won all your local elections and write them a letter, especially if they're new to the office. Tell them what's on your mind. Maybe you don't feel like your voice was heard yesterday, but your voice is still there. Do not leave the country. Do not curl up in your room being all depressed. Politics is happening all the time, not just every four years, and if you got interested in the past three weeks stay interested because you can make a difference, okay?

sorry to blow sunshine up everybody's rear, but since I just bought a new computer nothing can make me feel hopeless for the world. plus, I'd kind of accepted months ago that badnarik wasn't going to win, so I've had time to consider the alternatives.

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